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Posted on 08-08-2017

Senior Eye Exams at Total Eyecare in Elko, NV

Our optometrist wants to help you preserve your vision as you enter and progress through your senior years. That’s why we offer comprehensive senior eye exams at Total Eyecare in Elko, NV.

Benefits of Senior Exams with our Eye Doctor

If you haven’t had a senior exam with our eye doctor in several years to test your eye health and visual acuity, you may be in danger of experiencing a vision problem.

  • Catch Changes in Vision Early
  • Early Detection of Eye Diseases and Conditions
  • Keep Your Prescription Up-to-Date
  • Get Your Eye Health Questions Answered

Common Age-Related Eye Diseases

Are we get older, we are more prone to developing certain eye diseases and conditions that can affect our visual acuity. Common age-related eye diseases include macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts, presbyopia and dry eye. Getting regular eye exams, especially when you are over the age of 40, can help detect these eye diseases and conditions early before they cause a dramatic reduction in your visual acuity.

Symptoms of Common Eye Diseases

  • Cloudy or Blurry Vision
  • Seeing Spots or Floaters
  • Increasing Instances of Headaches
  • Loss of Visual Acuity
  • Problems Seeing and Driving at Night
  • Problems with Near Vision

Senior Eye Care Exams with Our Optometrist

Getting regular senior eye care exams as you get older is extremely important. Most eye diseases and conditions do not have any symptoms other than a progressive loss of visual acuity. Our optometrist recommends getting an eye exam at least once a year in order to detect changes in your vision, diagnose common eye diseases and to keep your contact lens or glasses prescription up-to-date.

Our senior eye exams include testing for glaucoma, dry eye, AMD and diabetic retinopathy as well as other eye diseases. Your visual acuity will also be tested, and if your near and/or distance vision is not 20/20, we may recommend eyeglasses and/or contact lenses so that you can see clearly. If you are having trouble driving at night, we can recommend glasses with an anti-glare coating that will help reduce glare and halos around lights.

Call Us Today to Schedule a Senior Eye Exam in Elko

To schedule an appointment for a senior eye exam in Elko, call us at 775-738-8491. We look forward to meeting with you!

When was the last time you schedule an eye exam to test for common age-related eye diseases?

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